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I grew up on wargames – original 40k Rogue Trader in particular – but all too often the financial demands of the hobby made it impossible. However, I never lost the spark and the enjoyment of the great narrative a close fought nail biting battle with it’s shifts of fortune could bring, and over the years I created my own system – Apocalypse: Earth.

A;E is a fast and fluid system for engagements of squad, platoon and company size. Originally evolved purely for close quarter infantry firefights, it now includes vehicles, off table fire support, prisoners of war, different victory scenarios and the backstory of a nightmarish WW2 where every insane superweapon project got funding, every conspiracy theory was true and where The Holy Emperor Tsar Josef I has staked a claim on the soul of every man, woman and child on the planet!

I’ve designed my system around the 1/72 / 20mm/ HO/ OO scale figures and vehicles, as these are cheap, freely available in a wide variety of guises from contemporary to ancient times and still provide a pleasing visual experience. Frankly, I don’t understand why this scale isn’t more widespread amongst gamers as it provides the perfect bridge between the more accepted 15mm and 28mm scales often at a fraction of the price. However, the rulebook does contain a conversion chart for use with other scales.

Combat is fast, furious and lethal, with tactical mistakes easily punished through an alternating system of unit activation and it’s a rare A:E game that doesn’t go down to the wire! This system also promotes individual creativity with it’s “Combat Action” system, and can be adapted for almost any setting.

Our aim is to set up a community of players sharing their experiences to help us optimise the rules and develop the backstory, so get your copy and get involved!

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Detail page of Apocalypse: Earth Miniature Wargame Rulebook
Apocalypse: Earth Miniature Wargame Rulebook

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