From Russia With Love Pt.1

So far it’s been the noble and proud Atlantic Alliance that have been getting the lion’s share of the attention here at Skinflint HQ, so I thought it was high time to redress the balance with a peek at our newly revamped Holy Soviet Empire force:


Here we have two eight-man squads of Holy Soviet rifle infantry, each squad featuring six troops equipped with assault rifles and two with light machine guns. In support we have a BTR-166 APC and a T-48 medium tank.

Both vehicles are papercraft downloads – a medium I throughly recommend the thrifty wargamer seeks out – the T-48 began life as T-54 15mm template from I-forget-where, which I scaled up in Photoshop before printing out onto card, while the APC was a Fiat 2000 from Landships II (I throughly recommend that site, it’s fascinating).


After assembly, I undercoated each model black with cheap acrylic paint and then basecoated with Vallejo Russian green. This was followed by a light black ink wash, and a “wetbrush” of Russian Green. I then lightened the green with fawn and drybrushed, graduating the shading. Finally, a very light drybrush of Vallejo brown for a muddy effect.

I had ordered some white metal accessories from Sgts Mess – was very pleased with quality, service and cost. You can see these on the T-48- check out the turret machine gun and stowage items on the hull.IMG_4316

Decals were also from Sgts Mess.

Moving to the infantry:


These are WW2 Soviets -and yes, if you’re familiar with the Command & Conquer: Red Alert series, you might just notice an influence in the colour scheme!

I began with a white undercoat, then blocked the whole lot crimson, before a light wash of brown & sienna ink. That was followed by a scarlet drybrush, then fawn for the belts, packs & webbing. Next up, a little blacklining using thin black ink, a splash of flesh tone for face and hands (aided by a wash of Vallejo Skin Wash), and black for rifle, boots and helmet/ushanka. The white dots on the helmet are there for easier squad identification

The whole lot was unified by a brown ink wash, and a very light ochre drybrushing afterwards (I like the weathered look it gives).

Bases are 20mm squares of cardstock, painted Burnt Umber and flocked, and the whole thing was given a light spray of matt sealant to guard against wear and tear.

I really like the look of this force, it looks distinctive and very Soviet, without being too impractically “cartoony”. In the next few weeks there’ll be the Tesla Armoured troops, the Holy Mystic and bodyguard, the nightmare Spetsnaz beastmen and more to come, as well as more armour – including specialist variants on the T-48 chassis as well as the mighty Rampager super-heavy tank! Stay tuned and enjoy the pics 🙂