After Action Report – Weapons testing!

Over the weekend I found myself with some unexpected free time and with a fair few new models cooked up for both the Holy Soviet Empire and Atlantic Alliance armies, organising a pick up game to let these new toys loose on the tabletop seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up!

We set up both factions with a fairly simple scenario – the Atlantic Alliance forces had a communications relay bunker close to their deployment zone which they had to move forward and secure. Dan’s freshly painted Holy Soviet Empire forces had to take it from them.

We set up on the 6′ x 4′ table with both forces on opposing long table edges as per standard deployment in the rulebook. The bunker was roughly two move actions (24cm) from the southern edge deployment zone where the Atlantic Alliance set up, while it would take two or three turns for the Soviet horde to reach it from the north.

Seeing as we weren’t running a strictly point based game we didn’t bother with fire support, and because we forgot (!) we didn’t run Fortunes Of War either…

Atlantic Alliance:

Platoon Command Element

Alpha Squad – Rifles

Bravo Squad – Rifles

Charlie Squad – Stinger/ TOW Missile Launcher

Delta Squad – Light Machinegun

Dreadnought squad – Flamethrower, 2 x minigun, Stinger/ TOW Missile Launcher

Ghost 7 – Stealth Sniper Team

Warhawk 4/9 – Rocketeer squad

3 x M60A3 Centurions

Humvee – Minigun

Humvee – Light Railgun

Holy Soviet Empire:

Platoon HQ

No.1 Squad – Rifles

No. 2 Squad – Rifles

No. 3 Squad – Rifles

No. 4 Squad – Heavy Weapons (2 Mortars, 2 Heavy Machineguns)

Holy Mystic and Entourage (Mind Control and Telekinesis powers)

Lightning Storm Squad

Noble Sniper

Strong Men  Assault Squad in BTR-166 APC

3 x T-48

Rampager Super Heavy tank

T-48 “Elektra” variant with Lightning Launcher

T-48 “Inferna” variant with assault blade and heavy flamethrower

The armour faced off in the relatively open ground to the east, while the bulk of the infantry used the denser cover in the west and central sections of the board.

I’ll spare you the gory details (some of you may have caught the tweets of the best bits), but it was a BLAST! Particular highlights – swirling armour melee on the eastern part as the Allied armour desperately tried to outmanoeuvre the monstrous Rampager which finally succumbed to a point blank shot to the rear.. the Soviet Holy Mystic up to his usual tricks, hurling a Centurion and a Humvee at the Dreadnought squad.. the charge of the Inferna, sawing a Humvee in half with its massive assault blade and incinerating Bravo squad.. the final desperate counterattack led by the Allied Command Element hurling frag grenades.. great fun!

Suffice it to say the Alliance held the day, but only just! A VERY lucky opening shot from the Railgun equipped Humvee took out the APC containing the hideous “Siberian” Strong Men close assault troops before they got a chance to do their stuff – had these made it to Allied lines, they would have caused serious problems for the defenders.

There’s a couple more units still to add – I’ve got some anti-tank Robots to add to the Alliance, and Dan wants to add a Forward Observation team to the Soviets to better spot for their artillery (when we next use it..) He’s also found a papercraft of a Steam Mecha which just looks too good not to use!

We’re going to upgrade some more scenery and get a bit of practice taking better photos, so look for a full battle report in the next couple of months. Til then, enjoy these cellphone snaps!