The Battle Of The Kessenburg Hub

Following the Roswell UFO crash of 1947, ARPA worked feverishly to engineer new technologies based on their discoveries.Not all their experiments would prove successful, however, and the 1949 Philadelphia Experiment – originally conceived as a means to “cloak” a ship – was a horrific failure. An offshoot of the program carried on developing the principles of teleportation that had been inadvertently discovered, and although a couple of early catastrophic failures in testing proved that organic living tissue could not use these machines, they were fine for inanimate objects and machines. At a stroke, the Atlantic Alliance’s logistics corps was revolutionised, and each theatre of the Apocalypse War is equipped with tele-logistics nodes such as this one in the town of Kessenburg, central Germany. 

The original installation fell victim to an artillery and psychic bombardment from Holy Soviet Empire forces on a sector wide offensive, and Allied X Corps Command ordered a rescue detachment to the area to prevent the Soviets capturing the node and it’s advanced technology.

Victory conditions – to control the node, the player must have unsuppressed troops within 5cm of the outer edge and no unsuppressed enemy forces within the same distance.Your objective is to control the node for three uninterrupted turns allowing the auto evacuation mechanism time to lock on to the nearest homing signal and teleport to safety.

So, following the trip to Warhammer World last week, I was raring to go and get a game in, and on Sunday evening Dan rolled up with a crate of Carling in one hand and his Holy Soviet Army in the other – game on!

I had a few new toys to try out, so we cranked up the fire support allowance for Dan, and we both tried out the new Command Cards idea – basically, to make your CO and XO extra valuable, they can force extra actions, prioritise fire support, benefit morale etc. As it turned out, neither that or Fortunes Of War had any impact on things but it was a great game nonetheless!


The table laid out – you can see the tele-logistics node in the centre

Thankfully my command team had had their coffee so the Atlantic Alliance won for deployment:

Plucky little Buffalo 2-7 on the left, the massed Holy Soviet hordes on the right
Swanky new APCs make their debut, with M85 combat ‘bots in support – my infantry were deployed in the APCs, going for a “cavalry” feel today!
Allied right flank, Dreadnaught power armour troops (who would prove rather useless..) my Rocketeers (good ol’ Warhawk 4-9) and the armour complement of three M60A3 Centurions
Dan’s Holy Mystic and bodyguard – I was determined to terminate with extreme prejudice after his telekinetic tank-lobbing exploits of late..
The Red Hordes! Notice the big scary Rampager superheavy amongst the T-48 tank platoon

The game started with both sides jostling for position and few shots being fired. My infantry deployed straight from their APCs onto the objective, securing it in Turn 1 – I noticed Dan hadn’t put his assault troops in the Soviet APC, as last two games, it’s been hit before it could be activated and his badass Siberian psychopaths have been barbecued..

Turn 1 – Fireteam Charlie 1 take down said scary Rampager with a Stinger/TOW! They never normally hit ANYTHING until Turn 3!
Turn 2 -The Humvee makes a sally forth with its minigun but is swamped by the Soviet infantry platoon
Turn 2 – The Soviet Beastmen hop out of their APC and slaughter Delta squad!

Turn 2 was where it all hit the fan, the Soviet assault got its momentum and my right flank was a mass of blazing armour! However a lucky shot from a machinegunner had taken down the Soviet RTO which meant no fire support calls – lucky for me, as I was losing infantry hand over fist.. and I didn’t have many to begin with!

Unfortunately (depending on your point of view) they couldn’t quite carry the momentum – the Beastmen slaughtered Delta Squad but were blown to pieces by the heavy machineguns and cannon on the APCs.

Turn 3 – His HQ wiped out, Polikarpov leads the remainder of his platoon in a furious vodka-induced charge, challenging my remaining Command Element member to single combat..
..and winning! Platoon Sgt’ McAuliffe’s credentials as a hardass are somewhat dented..
But it just wasn’t enough, with the Soviets reduced to an Artillery Observation Team, a useless Sniper and half the Heavy Weapons Squad…
Smashed and burning armour litters the table –  a good game!
Soviet survivors decide enough is enough

So there we have it – Alliance victory, although only just, I literally had about three infantry left, plus the ‘bots and one operational APC. Had Dan been able to successfully call fire support, we’d have had it. Damn it was fun though! And the Charge of Lt. Polikarpov – Dan, you paint a medal on that guy!

A couple of thoughts – the Tesla troopers actually got some licks in and fried a pair of tanks, but my Dreadnaughts couldn’t do a damn thing – I think we’ll up the minigun penetration just a touch so they at least have a slim chance. The BEastmen need to be tougher too, I suggest scrap the 6+ save and go for an armour rating maybe 9, plus some kind of resurrection rule – fits the fluff better.

Anyway, more new toys to come, plus our fantasy setting – “Hyperian Wars” – stay tuned!

Skinflint’s Big Day Out

So the other day I found myself in the unusual position of having an entirely free afternoon – self assessment done, DIY fully caught up with, all the grown-up big boy chores checked off the list.

Time to nurture the geek within, I think.

Nottingham is just a short half hour hop up the M1, so on a whim I decided to go check out somewhere I’d heard about but never seen – the epicentre of the Games Workshop empire (the Emperor’s Palace, if you will) – Warhammer World. A quick check of the website revealed free entry and free parking, so I figured what the hell!

Do I tell him he’s parked in a disabled spot?
“If your name’s not down…”

ForgeWorld Titans, Primarchs and Knights.. this ain’t the Rogue Trader I remember, with the grav tank made out of deodorant bottles!

Urban warfare gaming board.. wow!
So.. would you like skulls with that?
Stunning terrain


Some sort of Egyptian themed battle board.. no idea what it was, but it looked incredible!

Some sort of fantasy thing… just incredible!

So after a mooch around the gaming boards, I bought my £7.50 ticket and went to check out the exhibition hall.. very glad I did!

The book that hijacked my childhood!
The Emperor vs Horus – the legendary duel described in White Dwarf 131 (I think)
The studio Blood Angels army from my 2nd ever Whte Dwarf in 1991.. I almost wanted to ask these lads for an autograph!
Orks n Grots.. Makari the standard bearer, is that right?

Hall 1 exhibits – Age Of SIgmar dioramas, absolutely mindblowing!

Dwarves battle… things.. in a valley!

Hall 2 – The Imperium!


30k diorama – Emperors Children vs.. Raven Guard? I get a little confused with some of the names

Batshit insane Mechanicus models – love these!
Deathwing! Back in 1991, my Marines spent some time painted up as these guys.. in Humbrol enamel paints…  I knew no better :-/
Dark Angels scouts – love the camo patterns

Big ass diorama – Space Wolves vs ‘Nids

Death Korps of Krieg reporting in!
Catachans – Steroids? Us?


Imperial guard on parade – I like to think there’s a miniature Vladimir Putin in there somewhere..

Dark Angel fortress

Hall 3 – The Battle Of…. nope, forgotten. Ultramarines vs Chaos though, and oh my god just look at this…

A 12 foot high lunatic monument to the Grimdark… just staggering!

Hall 4: Enemies Of the Imperium

Tyranids – tentacles ahoy!

Imperial Guard raid Ork settlement – “Blackhawk Down!”

Warlord Titan – in 28mm!!!!!
Chaos Reaver and Warhounds

Crimson Fists v Orks on Rynns World – modelled on the original rulebook cover!

Orks. Love Orks. No idea what half this stuff is, but it’s boss as tits.

The final centrepiece – Mechanicus v Tau.. sleek tech vs crazy tech!

Overall, thoroughly enjoyed my visit – inevitably, there was a GW guy trying to sell me stuff, but he was relaxed, pleasant, and the exhibitions were easily worth the ticket price. A thoroughly enjoyable way to pass an hour, if you’re in the vicinity I definitely recommend it!