Mega Summer Update -1/72 Wackiness!

Crikey, I blinked and I almost missed August! Well, we’ve been busy down here at Skinflint HQ, with a variety of different projects – so apologies, this might not be the most focused of posts, but there’ll be plenty of 1/72 weirdness to enjoy..

First up – terrain!

This is a tele-logistics hub for the Atlantic Alliance logistics corps – in the fluff, alien tech captured at Roswell in 1947 led to the Philadelphia Experiment a few years later, which failed in its original purpose but the side effects led to Alliance scientists mastering teleportation. However, seeing as the setting is the mid-1950s, we did’t want Star Trek-style transporters as that wouldn’t fit the story.. how could the world fall into an endless apocalyptic Second Great War if all Churchill or Eisenhower had to do was beam a bomb into the centre of the Kremlin?

So there are limits. A teleporter can’t transport live organic matter as the computers of the day don’t have the power to reassemble it, so it’s strictly limited to supplies. And you can’t just beam anything anywhere, there has to be a homing beacon set up – these beacons are known as hubs, and they are an essential part of the Allied war effort, far less vulnerable than conventional naval convoys.

So this little puppy is built from a variety of household junk – beginning with a CD spindle, and adding various bits of miscellania – the hoses you see are used guitar string cut offs -given a black undercoat, drybrushed with metallic paint and then details picked out and highlighted. It made a great objective in our last game!

Next up – Steampunk Fantasy WW1!


These are Airfix WW1 British infantry, to double as Grand Alliance Sky Marines for our steampunk/fantasy A:E adaptation, “Hyperian Wars”. They were part of an Ebay haul from a few years back.

Sky Marine rifle squad
CO – moustache and sabre firmly in place!
Command section – signaller, wiring team, mortar crew
Casualties – these chaps may well make for good objective markers for “Black Hawk SkyCutter Down” style scenarios
More grunts!

A fair bit of flash to trim, but otherwise really nice to paint – white undercoat, Burnt Umber basecoat, black/brown inkwash before drybrush with two layers of brown paint (obviously the second one drier and lighter!), before picking out the details. I based them on round bases as these troops will count as skirmishers and not have to worry about formations. Cardstock, 20mm diameter holepunched, covered with PVA glue and dipped in a carton of dust and general grit swept off the garage floor! then painted black and drybrushed brown, then tan. Finally, a dab of glue, flock, paint the edges black and spray with matt sealant – done!

This gives us the infantry element – a platoon with mortar section, wiring party (which will have to represent some sorcerous device in the game) and infantry led by sword wielding officer (with a moustache – nice touch!)

They’re going to be joined by some Artificials – WW1 style robots, effectively, and the skycutter “Dauntless” with a few liftbarges as transport. These are WIPs right now, so look for updates next month. Their first OPFOR will be the Napoleonics Jim is painting up – the Ancien Regime force, based around the traditional tactics of infantry, cavalry, artillery and wizardry…

Last up – 40k in 1/72? 40k in 1/72…

Okay, so some of you may remember these guys from earlier posts..

So looky what we have here – proof of concept mini conversions.

Chaos Cultist (conversion from Airfix British WW2 commando)

Imperial Guardsman of the Hazzard 1977th (conversion from Airfix US Modern trooper)


Went with a red and black Khorne feel for the cultist, with crude gas mask.. will have to improve that, I think. For the Guardsman, I went with the RT style – greenstuffed shoulder pads for that retro 80s flak armour look, which I panted black, and went with a camo pattern mixing grey, green, black, brown and tan. Which I then washed with black ink and now you can’t see any of it! The overall affect is pretty sound though, I think.. let’s see where this project goes!






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