Half Term Hijinks Pt. 2 -Rescue Mission! (Apocalypse: Earth 1/72 Retro Sci Fi Weird WW2 Wargaming)

Scenario – A downed A-12, crew scattered, represented by blips – the first blip to be investigated would reveal itself to be crew on a 6, the second on a 5+, third on a 4+ and so on.

For victory, the Alliance would have to get all three crewmen across their table edge and successfully place demolition charges on the A-12 itself.

If the Soviets get any of the aircrew off their table edge, it’s a Soviet win as they just want whatever intel they can get!

By the way – props to the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts for coming up with this scenario here! Nicked shamelessly, and I thoroughly recommend their blog, it’s one of my favourites.

Atlantic Alliance:

Platoon Command Element

Alfa, Bravo – Rifle squads

Charlie Squad – Stinger/ TOW launcher

Delta Squad – Light Machine Gun

Warhawk 4-9 – Rocketeers

Ghost 7 – Stealth Squad

Iron Mike 4 – Dreadnought Squad w/ power armour

Humvee – Minigun

Humvee – Stinger/ TOW launcher

Humvee – Light Railgun

3 x M60A3 Centurion tanks

M113 APC – Heavy Machine Gun, 2x Light Machine Guns

M113 APC – Automatic Grenade Launcher, 2x Light Machine Guns

M113 APC – 20mm Autocannon, 2x Light Machine Guns

M85 Autonomous Combat Platform – 1 Heavy Machine Gun, 1 Light Machine Gun

M85 Autonomous Combat Platform – 1 Stinger/ TOW launcher, 1 Submachinegun

M85 Autonomous Combat Platform – 1 Assault Saw, 1 Flamethrower

Holy Soviet Empire

Platoon HQ

Nos. 1, 2, 3 Squad s– Rifles

No. 4 Squad – Heavy Weapons

Noble Sniper

Lightning Storm Squad

Holy Mystic & Bodyguard

Siberian Assault Section

Artillery Observation Officer

BTR – 54 APC

3 x T-48 Medium Tanks

IS- 6 Rampager Super Heavy Tank

T-48 “Elektra” variant w/ Lightning Launcher

T-48 “Inferna” variant w/ Heavy Flamethrower

Initial dispositions – Atlantic Alliance nearest the camera, Holy Soviet Army furthest away

Turn 1 –

The Atlantic Alliance took the initiative and a vicious crossfire erupted between T-48s, the Rampager and the Alliance M60A3 Centurion squadron on the eastern side of the table leading to the immediate destruction of the Soviet APC and the demise of three of the Siberians contained inside, while the Soviet Elektra and Inferna variant tanks heading up the infantry platoon assault wipe up the Allied fast attack Humvees in the western table sector and confused, bloody fighting takes place in the centre as both sides’ main forces jockey for position.

Diving forward into the cover of a ruined department store, the Soviet Mystic summoned forth primeval energies, raising a Centurion high into the air and dropping it on the APC containing Alliance HQ! Mercifully he missed but the result was still an M60 without its weapons systems. Meanwhile, the Alliance infantry platoon raced forward in their APCs to heck out the blips – rewarded by fireteam Charlie 2 finding a false contact, and Alfa 1 finding one crewman, who promptly races toward friendly lines. Soviet infantry move forward using cover to shield them from Allied fire, and the No. 4 Heavy Weapons squad set up their mortars and heavy machine guns using cover of hill. Noble Sniper Vasily infiltrated forward to check out a blip in the woods which proved to be a false contact.

Alliance HQ narrowly misses being squashed by its own M60 Centurion..
Allied infantry and armour approach the downed A-12
Wonky camera angle! Allied troops rescue the first crewman
Noble Sniper Vasily checks out a false contact blip
Soviet armour variants spearhead the assault on the western side of the table
Atlantic Alliance deploy forward into the woods
Inferna – just falling short with her assault blade – roasts the railgun armed Humvee

Turn 2 –

Again the Atlantic Alliance seize initiative, and the shooting begins in earnest – A Centurion destroys a T-48, the Inferna just fails to reach close assault range and engulfs the railgun Humvee with fire, the Rocketeers gun down the Holy Mystic, the Rampager guns down Bravo squad and Alfa 2 recover the second crewman (before being brutally bludgeoned to death by Siberian sergeant), before disaster strikes! Soviet infantry move through the woods and capture the final crewman! This gives them the opportunity to win the game – Allied HQ tick another job off the list, setting demo charges on the A-12 airframe and destroying it. Inferna roasts the Dreadnought squad, only the sergeant surviving – he becomes suppressed, and No. 2 squad take the opportunity to bag a valuable POW along with their captive crewman. No. 1 squad charge the Alliance Platoon Command Element and a lethal melee ensues, wiping out the Allied HQ – although not without cost to the Soviet infantry.

Warhawk 4-9 massacre the Holy Mystic and bodyguard at point blank range
Alfa 2 rescue the second crewman
No. 2 squad capture a crewman!
Siberian sergeant avenges the loss of his squadmates on Alfa 2..
Alliance Platoon Command Element set demo charges on the A-12
No. 2 Squad rush their POWs toward friendly lines
No. 1 Squad charges Allied Command Element

Turn 3 – the game now becomes a chase as the Soviets now need to rush their captives off the friendly side of the board while the Alliance now desperate to intercept..

Again the Atlantic Alliance seize the initiative – the command APC streaks around the edge of gulley and opens up on No.2 squad with astonishing accuracy from it’s light and heavy machine guns, reducing No. 2 squad to fine red mist while the dreadnought sergeant and crewman duck into cover and remain unscathed! In revenge, a T-48 guns down a fleeing crewman while the APC equiped with the grenade launcher fires on the Soviet HQ unit in the gulley’s centre, killing the RTO and wounding Commissar, while the Soviet Lightning Storm squad, finally trudging into range, open up and fry a Centurion.. the POWs are now in the custody of the Soviet Artillery Observer. Noting this, the missile launcher equipped Humvee (which had lost its launcher in an earlier turn) makes an audacious attempt at a close assault attack, and gets destroyed in the process.

Firing from the deployment zone, the Soviet APC that was immobilised in the first turn opened up on the Rocketeers that had massacred the Heavy Weapons Squad and downed two, while Elektra bludgeoned her way into Allied lines and fried a Centurion with her Lightning Launcher!

Desperation now gripped the remaining Allied forces. The sole surviving Centurion – it’s weapons disabled – charged against the last undamaged T-48, but failed to damage and ended up being destroyed itself!

The game now going down to the wire, the sole surviving Rocketeer gunned down the Soviet HQ while the last APC rushed in to collect the now freed POWS…

View from the Atlantic Alliance table edge – it’s looking bleak..
Elektra leads the remaining Soviet infantry in the assault, destroying a Centurion
The two luckiest POWs EVER!
Command APC swoops in to pick up the now freed prisoners..
Aircrew runs towards the table edge, but dude – behind you…
Grenades rain down on Soviet HQ in the gulley
Wonky camera angle alert! Lightning Storm troopers close in on the action..
Frying an M60A3 Centurion!
Humvee close assault comes to a sticky end courtesy of an unusually badass Artillery Observation officer
Firing from the deployment zone, Soviet APC downs two Rocketeers
The Atlantic Alliance in disarray!
M60A3 rams T-48 – not the outcome they were hoping for!
In a last desperate manoeuvre, the APC speeds away with the POWs

Turn 4 – down to the wire!

The Atlantic Alliance won the initiative, and with only one unit left, the remaining APC roared towards friendly lines at top speed but fire from Elektra and an immobilised Inferna destroyed the vehicle and killed the Dreadnought sergeant.. Picking himself up and running for Allied lines, the remaining crewman was tantalisingly close… before the last surviving T-48 fires through the gulley and a 100mm cannon round reduces him to dust.

Last aircrew runs for friendly territory!
T-48 takes aim..
..and reduces him to dust!

Result? Partial Atlantic Alliance victory – 1 crewman rescued, 2 dead, airframe successfully demolished. Intel thus denied to the Holy Soviet Empire!

Buffalo 2-7 wiped out – all units KIA

Holy Soviet Army – One surviving T-48, some elements of No.3 & No. 4 squads and Elektra, three Lightning Storm troopers (one immobilised with a destroyed generator).

Great game, thanks as always to Dan for being a creative and sporting opponent – stay tuned for the next game!