This Month, We’ve Made…


So we’ve been a bit quiet on the gaming front the last few weeks, hard to get schedules to sync together, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been idle! Check out these new builds:

  1. Urban Warfare board


This is actually the back of a shelving unit, giving about a 3′ x 3′ playing space for our “Black Ops” small unit spin off for Apocalypse: Earth. Think Necromunda or Kill Team vs regular 40k – small, dense urban battlefields, lots of terrain, ambushes, monsters, gangsters.. loads of fun! Will be a while before we’ve got it ready to publish, but playtesting is going well. And so we wanted a nice space to do it on – this is actually the back of a shelving unit, and even better, folds away for easy storage.


Textured with sand, random cardstock glued to create pavement pieces – then drybrushed and drizzled with flock and sand to taste. You can see the detail in this pic a little better.

2 – Urban terrain!

Quite proud of these, nicked ideas from 3T Studios article on Dakka, and the CD base idea from In The Grim Cheapness and built these:


Old CD/ DVD as a base, Polyfilla to create contour, then snipped up sprue bits and embedded them to make bricks.. other sprue parts embedded to make girders etc, along with detail parts from Sgts Mess. Texture with sand and cat litter (it makes brilliant rocks!), then black bomb the entire thing (making sure you wait for the glue to dry….).

Then drybrush with a variety of earth tones, pick out any specific bits to highlight (I used boltgun metal on the steel and corrugated iron, black and skin washed to create a rust effect, then very light ochre drybrush). Finish by dabbing on just a dash of flock to make the whole thing pop.

The free standing girders are just sprue leftovers, painted the same way. Simple, cheap and effective!

3 – 40k in 1/72 : Thrifty, Scratchbuilt Rhino!

Courtesy of This Awesome Guy and his crafting videos, I was inspired to build a Rhino – I know the Hazzard 1977th Guard regiment currently has one guy in it, but he might need a ride! So after watching the video, this is what I made:

Rocking the signature DualTex camo pattern! One little trick I did differently:

IDE cables for tracks courtesy of Yet Another Awesome Guy

4 – Civillians

Always handy to have around, these ladies and gents were a part of a mega Ebay haul a few years ago along with a bunch of other things – they’ve so far been pressed into service as alien controlled mind slaves, but we’re cooking up a rescue scenario for a big Apocalypse: Earth game in a few months time.

1970s vintage – I like to think the lady with her arm in the air is hailing a bus, not pulling a Nazi salute..

5 – Giant Spider!!

Alright, this is strictly for laughs, but when I saw this video I just had to have a go at it:

Bit of modelling foam, some cocktail sticks and superglue, a 1990s’ GEnestealer-inspired paintjob, and there we are! He’s served as the supervillain in our game of Black Ops the other day…And it’s got me wondering, yes, this one is laughable, but as I improve… maybe 1/72 Tyranids? One day…

Anyway, let’s round this off in classic 90’s White Dwarf style, with some posed action shots of our new toys…

Tune in next time for more random cheapskate gaming fun!