An Epic Scratchbuild

So after their rather Pyrrhic victory over the forces of Waagh-Bozzhog, the Redeemers chapter of the Space Marines is in rather poor shape – much geneseed was spilled that day, a Titan lost to the greenskin fiends, and very little of the strike force survived intact.

Reinforcements would start trickling in directly, but in the meantime it would fall to the Imperial Guard (sorry, Astra Militarum) to defend their homeworld! Responsibility for this sector of the northwestern continent fell to the brave men and women of the Hazzard 1977th and their commanding officer, Colonel Roboute Erasmus Leigh, and first to the muster station was his mighty regimental command vehicle, the Leviathan- class super heavy named in his honour!

Scratchbuilding in 6mm? surely that way madness lies?

Well, maybe. But starting with a big ol’ superheavy vehicle like the Leviathan gives you a bit more space to work in. So- this all began with my two year old son getting a fire truck for Christmas. As I was disposing of the packaging I noticed a couple of pieces that formed a sort of cathedral shape, which started to fire my imagination..

The origins
Adding track sections – these are made from layered corrugated card, with tread guards cut from cereal box cardboard and tracks built from a redundant IDE cable

Adding track sections – these are made from layered corrugated card, with tread guards cut from cereal box cardboard and tracks built from redundant IDE cable.


Cardstock command centre superstructure – sloped armour, AdMech, y’all heard about this? -with rear troop transport compartment, 160 brave Hazzard guardsmen lunching within..
Main gun – thin drinking straw and modelling foam mount, wrapped some paper to reinforce the barrel
Dualtex (kinda) camo scheme

And the finished article! Basecoated in black, then a “wetbrush” of Vallejo Russian green, lightened for a couple more drybrush coats. Tan, Burnt Umber and black square and block shapes over the top, then painted the glass in the bridge with the “gem” technique I picked up from the master painter Tacobat – check his blog out, some awesome stuff there!

Did my best to paint the Aquila on the front glacis plate – next time I’m drawing the bugger out, painting it, THEN glueing it to the model!!!! Still, looks OK for the tabletop, I think. Added campaign badges and tactical numbers and gave the whole thing a unifying black wash (added some muddy weathering since these pics were taken) and gave the whole thing a spray of matt sealant to ensure the paint stays where it should!

I plan to add some more Imperial Guard allies as I think the Space Marines are massively overrepresented on the tabletop, so it seems much more plausible that the Marines will be the tip of the spear but the brunt of the fighting will fall to the brave men and women of the Hazzard Planetary Defence Force… and I’m itching to try and scratchbuild the stuff I could never afford as a kid!

Stay tuned, stay thrifty, see you next time 😉

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