A Matter Of Scale

I’ll start this post with some maths. The standard wargame tale is 6′ by 4′ – that equates to 1.8 by 1.2 metres in metric. We wargame (mostly) in 1/72 – so this equates to a simulated battlespace of 129.6 by 86.4 metres. To give some sort of real world reference, a football field is 90-120 metres long and 45-90 metres wide.

So basically – 6’x4′ in 1/72 = a Premier League club football field. Hmm. And we’re supposed to believe an epic struggle between company level units with heavy weapons and tanks?

For you 28mm chaps – you poor deluded fools 😉 – it gets even worse. 28Mm is officially 1/48, meaning you guys cram all your 40k Imperial Guard, Ork or Tyranid horde onto 86.4 by 57.6 metres. Usain Bolt can run the length of your table in less than ten seconds – it’s fair to say a Space Marine probably can too.

However, let me throw an interesting statistic your way – during the course of the 21st century and the endless “War On Terror”, most infantry firefights take place at ranges of 100m or less, making the standard 1/72, 15mm and even 28mm scales actually not bad at simulating skirmishes.

But that’s just it. Skirmishes. A platoon or so. Anything beyond that – silly.

So, with that revelation in mind, it occurred to me that when it comes to Apocalypse: Earth, trying to build a huge army with massive superheavy units is completely missing the point. So, from now on, nothing heavier than an MBT. No apocalyptic monsters, no titanic giant robots, no massive flying gunships – we’ll save them for A: E’s 6mm cousin!

And this leads to an interesting idea – seeing as we focus on keeping armies cheap and affordable through use of 1/72 infantry and scratchbuilt vehicles, maybe our player base won’t consist of Soviet Empire or Atlantic Alliance or FutureCorp or Brotherhood players – maybe most players will end up with a bit of everything. As we’re not in the business of selling miniatures, that works out great as far as we’re concerned!

Now 6mm – 1/300… that means we’ve got 540 x 360 metres to play with. Now THIS is where we want the crazy stuff – and we’re planning A: E Armageddon, the battalion level wargame where we crank the crazy up to 11! So what would you guys like to see? Let us know, the more mental the better!


4 thoughts on “A Matter Of Scale

  1. I totally get what you are saying about scale, but I like the crazy sci-fantasy battles you guys do at 1/72, they look so fun! I love the DIY scratchbuilt thing as well and using cheap airfix miniatures etc… it’s a much more economical scale to begin with and you guys do it

    But I have thought about what you are saying in the past and agree it doesn’t make too much sense at that scale, but like I said, it’s fun. And agreed ‘heroic’ 28mm figures battling on a large dining room table is ridiculous … but at that scale it’s obviously ridiculous, whereas I think it’s not so ‘obvious’ at 1/72

    ‘Epic’ or 6mm scale is fun too, I played a bit of Warhammer Epic scale, but 1/72 is so much more cool because you can actually see a lot of the minis and vehicles and stuff.

    Anyway, my 2cents, please don’t give up the 1/72 tabletop battles, your Hyperian Wars and Cheap Hammer inspired me, I only wish I found like-thinking people near me to do something similar with.

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    1. Thanks Pete! Really pleased we’ve made a difference:-) no worries, we’re not going anywhere;-) that was just me thinking aloud really, i was pondering 40k and their Primarchs, Titans etc and just thinking they don’t belong in that kind of scale… That said, we had an AWESOME game last week with everything we could find to stick on the table- was it realistic? I doubt it, but it was immense fun! 😀

      If we’ve sparked your imagination, fancy sharing some of your creations on the site?

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