Accidental Tyranids! Hive Fleet Imprudens

So as a second lockdown looms it’s time to pick up the brushes and look for new diversions to keep oneself sane.. and for these I have to thank Dan, and specifically his youngling, a small boy of five who, and I quote Dan here “can hack my phone but can’t put his socks on unaided”.

Genius can take many forms, my friend.

Anyway, long story short, I’d gotten hold of some Blood Angel decals from the very kind Whittlesey40k to help with Dan’s 1991 Blood Angels Tribute Act army; meanwhile, Dan’s son had gotten hold of his dad’s phone, found the Tyranid job lot on eBay he’d been keeping watch on and accidentally (?) bought them… To be fair, it looks like he’d got quite a good deal!

So in thanks for the decals, and in part due to having both the Blood Angels and an Orc army on the go for fantasy, Dan passed the ‘Nids on to me, figuring we can use them for Space Hulk, Space Crusade and similar. So far I’ve stripped, primed and painted up the models that were already completed, but there’s a good few still to come. So, pics:

After! Note the three headed chap – cool conversion, but not one I can take credit for…
Close up on Ol’ Six Eyes and his pet (a Ripper, I have subsequently discovered)
My guide…
White prime, bone craft paint thinned with acrylic medium as a base coat (yes- two thin coats. Duncan, be proud). Lacking Carrobourg Crimson for a wash, I attempot to mix my own…
Yeah, not 100% successful. Behold the Pinkening!
Slightly more success home mixing equivalents to the other colours Duncan used, and here’s the end result!
Ol’ Six Eyes – I think he’ll be the boss…
With Dan’s Blood Angels – doubt we’ll be doing this again for a while, sadly :-/

So there we go, a new set of toys, a new diversion, and something new to look forward to when this next lockdown ends… assuming it does!

Stay safe and sane out there folks, all things pass – we’ll see you again soon

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