Crossing The Rubicon Nostalgius Pt. 5- Blood Angels Assault Squad, 1991 style

Ok, so here in Blighty it is allegedly the height of summer but the sun has been an inconsistent companion.. however, in the grim darkness of the far future the primary colours are always bright and the grass is always Goblin Green.

And to give some variety, let me present a post that is NOT all about granny grating… we’re back to 1991 for some retro Blood Angels assault troops!

Now these guys were a little more speculative in terms of colour scheme as they certainly weren’t in the initial magazine article in White Dwarf 139, and in fact I’m not sure they ever made it into a battle report before Space Wolves and then Ultramarines became the flavour of the month, but really the only difference is in the helmet – those that are wearing them – being painted bright yellow.

The lads out in the shed for priming – I had to do a little conversion, buying in aftermarket resin jump packs (possibly 3D printed judging from the feel of the material) and chainswords, the essential assault weapon of the 41st millenium. PVA and sand on the bases BEFORE priming – this makes things a hell of a lot easier and less messy later on, wish I’d known that back in the day..
The finished article! Painting process was the same as previous units so no point repeating myself here, although the yellow was shaded with Vallejo Skin Wash before brushed back up with cheapy craft Cadmium Yellow paint.
“Space Wolves? Who they?”
Mk 6 armour makes an appearance
As conversions go, this is pretty brutal! But once I saw Hopalong here, he had to be an assault trooper… “T’is but a scratch!”
The lads all ranked up on the dining table – that’s all the line troops done, next up Terminators, characters, Techmarines and vehicles. The grim darkness of the far future never looked so vivid!

Shout out to Whittlesey40k for the decals that set the whole thing off, very kind of you – and when things FINALLY open back up, these lads will be making their pilgrimage to Warhammer World… stay safe, stay thrifty and we’ll see you again soon

The Tiniest Kings Of War Pt.3 – To Battle!

Rules? Downloaded.

Armies? Built and painted.

Terrain? Flexible battlemat built and with the old standby of books placed underneath to create valleys and hills, so yeah, check.

And thus – TO BATTLE!

I gave the youngling the choice and he picked Orcs, I think more influenced by colour choice than anything else… well, I hope so at least, he has a slightly unnerving predilection for the “Baddies” in most films. We’d had a couple of practice games so the basics of the rules were relatively familiar – plus he had his mum on his side as the power behind the throne!

Initial set up dispositions – Orcs at the bottom (south) end of the table, Dwarves at the top (north)

We shook hands and rolled for fits turn – which the Orcs won.

The Orcs charge headlong across the table, mum in an advisory role pointing out areas cover and suggesting firing the Skulk archer detachment at the Dwarven cannon, rattling the crew enough to prevent them from firing this turn.
Dwarves hold fast and return fire, the Ironwatch crossbow regiment routing the Skulk archers
Turn 2 and the Orc charge hits the Dwarven lines! Trolls demolish the cannon and the Orc cavalry pulls a deft flanking manoeuvre that annihilates their Dwarven counterparts… that Orc “advisor” has some explaining to do.. 😉
Ferocious in the defence, the Dwarves castle up on the hill and defend with everything they’ve got! Throwing mastiffs and crossbows damage the trolls and force the Orc Gore Rider cavalry to waver, while a regiment of Ironclad infantry catch an Orc Ax infantry regiment in the rear and wipe them out! However, in an EPIC clash in the centre of the lines, the Dwarf Lord falls to the Orc Krudger!
Victorious in his duel, the Orc Krudger gathers his remaining forces to hunt down and destroy the surviving Dwarves
The Krudger and the Ax regiment smash into the surviving Dwarf regiment
As darkness falls on the battlefield, the remaining Dwarf regiment is forced to waver, before being routed and destroyed in the final turn!

The dice were against me, that’s all I’m saying! In all fairness, although I did roll abysmally, I also made stupid mistakes and completely underestimated my enemy commander (and his “advisor”) – leaving units open to flanking manoeuvres, not concentrating forces properly and while I wasn’t able to capitalise on my enemy’s mistakes, they sure went to town on mine!

Overall verdict on KoW as a system though? Fun! I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the lack of casualty removal in this system, but by Turn 2 I was used to it. It really does suit 6mm scale as well. Easily learned, and although there are a couple of rules that were less than clear in the rulebook, it’s largely very intuitive and I do like how much it rewards tactical positioning, flanking and so forth. Charging your opponent’s rear, for example gives you DOUBLE the normal attacks.. all of a sudden, mobility is worth something serious on the battlefield!

I know you’re all hungering for something non-granny grating related, but it was fun bringing this project to a conclusion (if any wargaming project can ever be said to be truly done) -and as the COVID Restrictions start to lift in dear old Blighty we’ve got something BIG planed once again, so stay tuned as we get everything prepared to Throw Down In Style!

Stay safe and sane out there… we’re nearly there folks!