Gifts From Under The Wargames Table

It’s been said before on this blog, but it deserves saying again – the people that make up our little hobby, that create the community and each add their own touch to it.. can be absolute and total legends.

We’ve seen it before with Whittlesey40k – we got in touch to ask if he’d mind if we linked the 1991 Blood Angels pics he had on his blog, and not only was he fine with it but got in touch a few days later to offer us some decal sheets, free of charge!

And so it was that at the very start of 2023 that Roger from Rantings From Under The Wargames Table who we’ve been following for a while got in touch to offer “a few bits and pieces” that he happened to have lying around and wondered what we might be able to do with them…

Sure enough, a couple of weeks later, a package arrived in the post.. with a couple of little ziploc bags…

And a HUGE amount of plastic bitz!


So, after an evening indulging my OCD I can see we’ve got a little baggy of Epic Imperial Guard infantry with some custom Rhino conversions, some great bitz for vehicle conversions (Da Black Ork Cav will be VERY happy to see those), enough torsos and legs to allow about 6 Marines to be built – which, given another recent eBay score, will give me a good chunk of a 16 strong Crusader platoon for Firefight.. who will also be pulling double duty as a Raptors force for 40k.

And then there are the bitz – HUGE resource for conversion here, particularly for anything with a Chaos-y kind of vibe.. Certainly enough to keep us going for the foreseeable!

So this is something of a short fill in post before a biggie in a couple of weeks’ time, with the intent of saying a huge THANK YOU to Roger, and to thoroughly recommend go check out Ranting From Under The Wargames Table, you won’t regret it!

Stay thrifty out there and we’ll be back soon.


8 thoughts on “Gifts From Under The Wargames Table

  1. Can I just echo IRO’s sentiments. 😁 Just kidding, look I love what you guys do, Games Workshop on a budget! I mean that’s like the gaming version of Round the world yacht racing for under £500 🤣🤣🤣

    If you can use this stuff great, otherwise it was just going to be gathering dust around here, as you said we’re a community we all got each other through the pandemic with our posts and friendship, you help out your mates that’s just the way it should be. I’ve had my share of gifts so it’s only right.

    Sorry didn’t mean to get all preachy, lets just say you are very welcome. And thanks for the shout out.
    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Cheers Roger, you’re a star and a thank you post is the least we could do 😀 like Whittlesey’s decals, you’re going to see your stuff cropping up a lot over the next couple of years! All the best mate


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