“We will bury you”


The botched assassination attempt of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo at the hands of her Serbian allies set in motion the events that were to revolutionise the both Russia and the world. The Germans and Austrians had exhausted themselves in the West, taking Paris after a hard fought campaign which cost them huge casualties, so when the French sued for peace the Germans gratefully accepted, offering them surprisingly lenient terms an the 1915 Treaty Of Versailles.

Such leniency was not extended to France’s staunchest ally, Russia, whose ill- trained and ill- equipped armies were butchered by the Germans and hurled backwards. Faced with the capitulation of its French ally and offered only token aid by Britain and the USA, Russia fought on for a few more months before surrendering in May 1915 and being forced to accept harsh and damaging terms at the Treaty of Volgograd signed that September.

The defeat brought catastrophe to Mother Russia – her backward peasant economy collapsed, and with unemployment and inflation rife on such a scale, religious fundamentalism and mysticism (both long held tenets of Russian society) dominated the minds of the populace.

The Holy Revolution of August 1916 was led by an unlikely alliance of a Jewish academic and philosopher (Karl Marx) and a demagogue priest (Vladimir Ulyanov), who together brought down the dynasty of the Tsars and ushered in a new age – the Holy Soviet Empire was born.

But it was to be neither of these men who led the great tidal wave of revenge against the decadent Western democracies. It was to be a Georgian priest and mystic, Joseph Djugashvili, who called himself “Stalin” (“Man Of Steel”), who rose to prominence and crowned himself Tsar Joseph I after the mysterious deaths of both Marx and Ulyanov in 1932. It was Djugashvili who initiated the Soviet Empire’s massive rearmament program and built up his Holy Army, he who initiated the research into using the psychic powers he believed he and many others possessed for war, and he who, on the morning of February 1, 1954 initiated Operation Barbarossa, a massive assault on the Western and Asiatic world. 200 divisions crossed the Polish border, with 200 more in reserve, the entire operation preceded by a massive psychic bombardment, the like of which the world had never known.

Now, however, the Western Allies and the Asian Communist Federation have regrouped, and Mother Russia faces new dangers on her borders.

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