As a youngster, trying to collect a decent army to play 40k with nothing more than a paper route was nigh-on impossible. So I hit upon a cunning plan…

What scale of miniatures are the cheapest, and most ubiquitous? Dear old Airfix and Matchbox 1/72, of course. All of a sudden an impressive Imperial Guard force could be raised with an investment of less than £30, AND an 8″x 4″ games table could be replaced with something roughly the size of my mum’s dining table.

Now, with companies like Caesar bringing out fantasy sets, and places like Sgts Mess offering modifying options, it’s easier than ever to game thrifty, not to mention the wealth of YouTube tutorials and papercraft templates out there – so pick up the scissors, cereal box, PVA glue and craft paint, we’ve got armies to create and a galaxy to conquer!

A few pics to whet your appetite:

Guardsmen of the Hazzard 1977th prepare to sell their lives dearly against an Ork assault
Orks from Da Skooderia close in on their objective
Close combat as the Hazzard 1977th assault a crucial Ork-held hill
Orks bellow their defiance
Crimson Fists Space Marines attack a stalled Ork battlewagon
Crimson Fists Space Marines lead their brethren in the Imperial Guard against entrenched Orks
Pitched battle between Orks and Imperial forces within a ruined temple




WIP Khorne Chaos Cultist

Hazzard 1977th Astra Militarum Strike Force

Da Skooderia Ferrorki

Battle report? Don’t mind if we do… The Battle At The Farm

Of course, CheapHammer isn’t just about downsizing scale. There are many fantastic modellers and resources out there to help the wargamer on a budget, and I’m pleased to be able to present a few for your perusal:

Luke’s Affordable Painting Service: Coming at you from the heart of Yorkshire, this YouTube channel is an invaluable source of ideas and inspiration

Wyloch’s Crafting Videos: If Leonardo Da Vinci worked with hot glue and insulation foam, he’d be this guy. DIY minis, fantastic terrain ideas and more!

The Terrain Tutor: The ever-affable Mel, who can build seemingly anything from insulation foam and foamboard

Games Workshop: Yep, you read that right – that’s a link to the FREE core rules for 40k 8th Edition!

Check out this post on how we built and painted our ruined buildings:

Terrain Talk Pt. 1

And hills:

Terrain Talk Pt. 2

And a whole new board:

Terrain Talk Pt. 3

And weird science sci-fi plasma reactors:

Terrain Talk Pt. 4a

Terrain Talk Pt. 4b


This page will keep evolving as we delve deeper and deeper into the hobby – the beauty of it is, there’s always something new to learn!




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