“This war will be won and lost in the shadows”


The history of the Brotherhood is a history of a myriad different factions and organisations. As the war spiralled out of control, sucking more and more nations, peoples governments into its destructive whirl, martial law clamped down heavily on the criminal and revolutionary elements in societies across the globe. Cut off from their sources of funding, facing draconian security measures and increased military presence, temporary alliances of convenience began to be made between former foes to ensure survival in adverse circumstances.

As ever in these circumstances, adversity pushes to the fore those leaders with an eye for opportunity. The chaos that the war brought that opportunity. Corruption and coercion in boardrooms and government ministries from Washington and Paris to Beijing and Delhi became accepted part of getting things done.

The shadowy alliance bided its time, reorganising and rearming to take advantage of the chaos for their various ends.

And now, in the hearts of cities across the globe, terrorists and revolutionaries seize key points to force he governments of the day to negotiations.

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