My first foray into Games Workshop’s 40k universe was through the first edition Space Marine… only to see them bring out the second edition a mere three months late.


But as it turned out, I fell in love with that game even more deeply, and every now and again it’s nice to take a little trip down memory lane.. look here for conversions, eBay bargains and just stuff knocked up out of toilet roll tubes and sticky back plastic.

Check out our first Epic battle report here!

And the rematch here…

Check out a run down of The Redeemers’ Strike Force 01, with many pics..


Scratchbuilt Imperial Guard Leviathan! See here for how it was made

2 thoughts on “Epic

  1. I just read your Epic posts and really enjoyed them. I’m currently getting back into Epic by way of 2nd edition, which has always been on my wargaming ‘bucket list’. I briefly toyed with Epic40k before realising it wasn’t what I was after. All the Epic articles from the WDs of my youth were from the 2nd edition era, so I’m excited to be revisiting it. Seems like your games are exactly the kind of thing I’m looking to create myself, both in terms of rules and the spirit in which they are played.

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    1. Cheers Chris, that’s great to hear! We’ll be heading back to Epic soon, we’ve been on a skirmish kick for a while yet but I’ve got a plan to get the Hazzard 1977th PDF regiment up to strength and Dan has been sketching some DIY gargants.. thanks for your input, that’s made our day 🙂👍


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