Born out of the devastation of the Six Months War, the League of European Nations was created in an attempt to ensure that such slaughter could never again cast a blight on continental Europe.
In Germany, the military government held elections to bring about the first democratically elected government in their nation’s history – although candidates were heavily scrutinised to ensure that no trace of militarism, revanchism or extremism permeated through to the ballot boxes – and they were not above dispatching certain troublesome individuals, like the firebrand Austrian former NCO and leader of ultranationalist radical National Socialist Party Adolf Schickelgruber,  with a bullet to the back of the head. The new Germany would be a moderate, well-ordered, peaceful society with respect for authority and a strong work ethic. The Prussian generals who deposed the Kaiser were not going to let anyone lead their nation and their beloved army into another pointless meat grinder.

The foundations were laid with the Franco-German alliance, and with the two biggest economies in Europe working side by side, Italy, Belgium, Holland and the nations of the Austro-Hungarian Federation rushed to join.
The military aspect focused on defence from the East – the Bolshevik menace, as every schoolchild knew, was something animalistic and brutal, something to be feared and loathed. Compulsory military service on a “fortress”unit on the Ostwall has long been universal across the League nations.
With Germany having far and away the largest manufacturing and science base, for the sake of standardisation and logistics, most vehicles, uniforms and weaponry are based on German designs, and the League militaries as a whole have benefited greatly from the genius of patent clerk-turned physicist Albert Einstein.

Although no lover of war, Einstein saw the horror and evil of Stalin’s regime and knew that he must use his intellect to help preserve his beloved Europe from ever having to face such terrors, and with the help of a strong industrial base spread across the member nations, new and unusual devices reach the front line every day.

Now the nations of Europe fight for their very survival in the West against the Russian juggernaut, and elsewhere to defend their colonial possessions against the Japanese and the Asian Communist Federation.

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