Skinflint’s Big Day Out

So the other day I found myself in the unusual position of having an entirely free afternoon – self assessment done, DIY fully caught up with, all the grown-up big boy chores checked off the list.

Time to nurture the geek within, I think.

Nottingham is just a short half hour hop up the M1, so on a whim I decided to go check out somewhere I’d heard about but never seen – the epicentre of the Games Workshop empire (the Emperor’s Palace, if you will) – Warhammer World. A quick check of the website revealed free entry and free parking, so I figured what the hell!

Do I tell him he’s parked in a disabled spot?
“If your name’s not down…”

ForgeWorld Titans, Primarchs and Knights.. this ain’t the Rogue Trader I remember, with the grav tank made out of deodorant bottles!

Urban warfare gaming board.. wow!
So.. would you like skulls with that?
Stunning terrain


Some sort of Egyptian themed battle board.. no idea what it was, but it looked incredible!

Some sort of fantasy thing… just incredible!

So after a mooch around the gaming boards, I bought my £7.50 ticket and went to check out the exhibition hall.. very glad I did!

The book that hijacked my childhood!
The Emperor vs Horus – the legendary duel described in White Dwarf 131 (I think)
The studio Blood Angels army from my 2nd ever Whte Dwarf in 1991.. I almost wanted to ask these lads for an autograph!
Orks n Grots.. Makari the standard bearer, is that right?

Hall 1 exhibits – Age Of SIgmar dioramas, absolutely mindblowing!

Dwarves battle… things.. in a valley!

Hall 2 – The Imperium!


30k diorama – Emperors Children vs.. Raven Guard? I get a little confused with some of the names

Batshit insane Mechanicus models – love these!
Deathwing! Back in 1991, my Marines spent some time painted up as these guys.. in Humbrol enamel paints…  I knew no better :-/
Dark Angels scouts – love the camo patterns

Big ass diorama – Space Wolves vs ‘Nids

Death Korps of Krieg reporting in!
Catachans – Steroids? Us?


Imperial guard on parade – I like to think there’s a miniature Vladimir Putin in there somewhere..

Dark Angel fortress

Hall 3 – The Battle Of…. nope, forgotten. Ultramarines vs Chaos though, and oh my god just look at this…

A 12 foot high lunatic monument to the Grimdark… just staggering!

Hall 4: Enemies Of the Imperium

Tyranids – tentacles ahoy!

Imperial Guard raid Ork settlement – “Blackhawk Down!”

Warlord Titan – in 28mm!!!!!
Chaos Reaver and Warhounds

Crimson Fists v Orks on Rynns World – modelled on the original rulebook cover!

Orks. Love Orks. No idea what half this stuff is, but it’s boss as tits.

The final centrepiece – Mechanicus v Tau.. sleek tech vs crazy tech!

Overall, thoroughly enjoyed my visit – inevitably, there was a GW guy trying to sell me stuff, but he was relaxed, pleasant, and the exhibitions were easily worth the ticket price. A thoroughly enjoyable way to pass an hour, if you’re in the vicinity I definitely recommend it!


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