Epic New Year!

So 2017 has landed with a crash as the orange reality TV star who clearly believes himself to be the God-Emperor of Mankind has ascended his first throne.. so while the world waits apprehensively for his Unification Wars to begin, let’s cheer ourselves up by looking at some toy soldiers!

Last month Dan and I celebrated the festive season by pulling out one of our old favourites, the classic 2nd Edition Space Marine- and brilliant fun was had by all, lots of things blew up and were reduced to rubble as the hive world of Hazzard dealt with an Orkish incursion.

Dan’s Orks looked fantastic but my marines looked a bit tatty by comparison, so I’ve spent the last couple of week tidying them up, rebasing the infantry and Warlord and generally trying to organise them.

So, in order to redress the balance of forces (Dan scored a lucky haul on Ebay and has WAAAY more models than I do… plus his unsettling talk of building a Great Gargant Mob out of cardboard..) I’ve composed a list to maximise points values so we can play the biggest games possible.

So currently we have:

Special Cards:

Medic (or Chaplain or Commander, depending on how I’m feeling) – 50pts

Warlord Titan – Rocket Launcher, Laser Blaster, Chainfist, Quake Cannon – 900pts

Company Cards:

Space Marine Veteran Company – 850pts (excellent tactical troops, able to go toe-to-toe with Orks in close assault too)

Space Marine Devastator Company – 1000pts (Lots of long range firepower, a must dealing with an Ork horde)

Land Raider Company – 600pts (tough, versatile tanks)

Support Cards:

Whirlwind Detachment  – 150 pts (currently unconverted Rhios, as I may try these out as Vindicators and/ or Predators or Razorbacks too.. but right now I likes me some artillery)

Terminator Detachment – 300pts (can tear through infantry like a hot knife through butter, plus valuable anti-armour firepower from the transport Land Raiders)

Scout Detachment – 150pts (can sit on valuable backfield objectives, protect Whirlwinds etc)

Grand total – 4000pts exactly.

What’s that, you say? Pics? Very well:


Warlord Titan

Veterans of 1st Company (denoted by black shoulder pads)

Devastators of 4th Company

Land Raider Company

Terminator Detachment (We’ve got a big 1st Company)

10th Company Scouts – as denoted by white shoulder pads

Whirlwind detachment (with missile launchers, erm, removed for maintenance rituals..)

Group Shot – Strike Force 01 of the Redeemers’ Space Marine chapter!

A little on chapter fluff and paint scheme – these chaps are based on the Hive World of Hazzard, located deep in the galactic South.. something of a backwater for most Imperial authorities and have developed a free wheeling, relaxed attitude to dealing with their populace. They are a Tenth Founding chapter, allegedly based on Space Wolf DNA, and their natural characteristics have integrated well with Hazzard society which promotes a strong, evangelical faith in the Imperial Cult. However, this does not dampen their martial spirit or prowess – on hearing of the Ork invason of WAAAAGH-BOZZHOG, Chapter Master Jacob E. Lee was heard to pronounce “Them Orks are tough sons o’bitches… but my Redeemers are tough sons o’bitches too. And my Redeemers can shoot straight.”

Paint scheme wise, I went with an American Civil War inspired scheme, largely grey but with orange and blues thrown in too. Each company is divided into three detachments, denoted by orange, blue or grey detailing. Terminators are in black and Veterans are marked by black pauldrons while Scouts wear white. White detailing marks out HQ vehicles and stands.

Painting process was pretty simple – white undercoat, base coat of Vallejo grey, thin black ink wash, drybrush with grey and a lighter grey, detailing – pauldrons and black bolters – before a very light ochre drybrush for weathering, followed by basing first with sand, then a few dabs of flock and edging with Burnt Umber craft paint. Then a good spray of matt sealant to keep them from wearing. I doubt I’ll be in the running for any Golden Demon awards, but they look pretty good from a distance and I’ve been amazed how much difference the basing makes! Dan’s looking enviously and is waiting to nick the technique himself…

Hope you enjoy  the pics and we can’t wait to get stuck in to another battle with this classic ruleset. See y’all soon!

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