The Great Halloween Zombie Game Battle Report


It was unnaturally dark. Even for a man like Lt. Hunt, who had made the darkness his friend during many long years of special operations, it was unsettling. He turned to his team – all highly trained operatives, all experienced… all scared.

“OK. Whatever this is – whether it’s a virus like they say, or whether it really is the dead coming back.. right now it doesn’t make any difference. There’s a team of scientists stranded in the compound, half a click southwest. We need to get in there, break them out, and escort them to the egress point another half a click along the same axis where there’s a transport chopper waiting.”

He exhaled hard.

“As well as the obvious hazards, it’s probably safe to assume that Ivan has wind of them too. There’s no official intel, but don’t be surprised if there’s a Soviet patrol out there. Heads on a swivel – don’t let those things get up close, don’t let them bite you.. head shots, controlled bursts. Don’t burn through your ammo. Remember these things are slow, but there’s likely a lot of them. No full auto.

Moss, take point. Hill you’re with him. Clark, with me. Keep tight, keep moving. Let’s roll.”

The wind whipped dust into Sgt. Kaminsky’s eyes. He shielded them with his hand as he took a roster of his squad. Thirteen conscripts, two of them toting light machine guns. Enough firepower to deal with whatever they were likely to come across, surely – although these… things.. whatever they were – seemed uncomfortably numerous.

His troops – all scared, all conscripts, some as young as 14 – gripped their Kalashnikovs and took what shelter they could from the howling wind.

“This is a chance to gain the upper hand in this wat, Comrades. A chance to shorten this war and get us home to our families. Those kulaks in the compound have information vital to the enemy war effort and we MUST capture them, we cannot let them fall into the maw of these beasts”.

He signalled a heading. “That way. Capture the kulaks and two kilometres, hand them over to NKVD. Maybe we get off the line for a few days. On me, comrades,”

The table laid out – compound with besieged scientists in the middle of the board and zombie spawning points two per table quarters
Skalk Point generator station with scientists sheltering from zombies
Allied special forces team deploy on the northeast corner, evac point on the southwest
Holy Soviet Army rifle squad deploys at the southeast corner, evac point on the northwest
Zombies boil from their spawning points! Note the wrecked Soviet armour – purely scenic in this game, just there for atmosphere
Allied Special Forces lead off, methodically gunning down zombies as they advance cautiously – but return fire (yes, we give our zombies guns – they’re just not great with them) comes within a whisker of downing Specialist Moss! Happily his body armour saved the day – remember the SF team only has four models…
The Soviets form a gunline and massacre the horde of zombies shambling toward them
Meanwhile the Allied SF team take advantage of briefly clear streets to dash toward the compound and the stranded civilians
Another horde of zombies approach the Soviets squad from the flank
The zombie reaction roll obliges them to fire on the Soviets – downing two riflemen, but killing three of their own in the process!
The Allied SF team reach the compound!
Meanwhile the Soviets are bogged down by hordes of the undead!
Allied SF team gun down the approaching zombies and begin leading the civilians to safety…
Zombies fall under the SF team’s battle rifles but a couple of unwary civilians fall to zombie gunfire..
Holy Soviet Army squad hold in place, grimly massacring horde after horde of ghouls
“Go! Move, we’ll hold them off…” screamed Lt. Hunt – and then Dan pointed out that they were heading the wrong way! Cue much innovative swearing from myself… that was a pretty basic error!
More zombies fall under the Russian guns but the squad is falling way behind the Allied SF team…
Specialist Moss falls to zombie guns during a valiant rearguard action!
Changing direction – now that Dan had reminded me where my exfiltration point actually was – my civilians start to fall to zombie gunfire!
… and having reminded me where my exfil point was, Dan starts moving his squad to a blocking position…
SF and Holy Soviet survivors face off against each other…
“It is over for you, English. Hand over the civilians and come with us”
Needless to say, the SF team refuse – but 10 assault rifles at close range turn them to a boody pulp!

So there we have it – a tale of horror, heroism and ultimately betrayal! In fairness to Dan, a) I forgot where my evacuation point was, which was pretty basic, and b) we had basically designed the scenario so that exactly such a twist was possible, also c) the SF team’s strength was mobility and training whilst the Holy Soviet Army was it’s usual slow moving firestorm self, so both sides really played to their strengths.

Most importantly, however, it was hugely entertaining and cinematic- hate to say it, but we definitely need more zombies for next year though!

Stay safe an sane out there, and we’ll see you again soon – if you want to have a crack yourselves, our rules are available here on Wargames Vault .

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