Halloween 2022 Zombie Game – The Battle Of Yonkers

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that our pet game “Apocalypse: Earth” has been conspicuous by it’s absence so far this year. There’s a fairly straightforward reason for that – the setting is based around a rampaging Soviet Empire under a genocidal lunatic trying to enslave the world and this year that hasn’t really been escapist fantasy, it’s just been.. well, the news. And as such, neither Dan or myself have really felt in the mood for it.

But after spending a month last year painting a whole load of zombies for a specially themed Halloween game, we both rather fancied the idea of breaking out the Atlantic Alliance to fight out a scenario based on the Battle of Yonkers from the brilliant novel (and passable film) World War Z.. if you haven’t read the book – well, you definitely should… if you haven’t seen the film – well, it’ll be on telly again before long, there’s no rush!

Basically the Battle Of Yonkers saw the US military making a concerted stand at the town of Yonkers, NY against a crowd of zombies numbering in the millions. There’s some fascinating descriptions of the effects of MLRS and artillery against the undead, as well as the Land Warrior system (which correct me if I’m wrong, never did make it into service in real life) and the famed “Silver Bullet” tungsten / depleted uranium armour piercing shells.. if you haven’t read it, I won’t spoil it but let’s just say it doesn’t go too well for humanity… the US Army being a finely honed instrument of warfare honed for a completely different war than it found itself fighting.

With this in mind we set up a half urban, half rural board with a bunch of woods on the rural side and ruins on the urban side to represent Yonkers city limits, and put our big group of trusty Airfix civilians (who seem to be forever getting caught up in this sort of thing) in the middle, and with a randomly rolled up mob of zombies either side, homing in menacingly…

Civilians approach Atlantic Alliance lines with shambling hordes closing in from both sides…

We were winging the rules as we went, but the basic idea was that each zombie mob would get reinforced by (Turn Number)xD6 zombies each turn.. and behind the Alliance lines were four spawning points that would spawn (Turn Number-1)x D6 zombies each turn.. trust me, it was simpler than it sounded! At the far side of the table was a waiting APC to shuttle out the survivors.

Buffalo 2-7’s infantry component take up station on the city limits
A crowd of civilians rush toward them, hoping for sanctuary from the undead..
Lt. Grant leads his men forward to link up and clear out the zombie mobs approaching from the flanks
Behind you! Bravo Squad wheel around to discover zombies shambling towards them.. Keeping the rear areas secure would prove to be a major tactical problem for the Alliance in this battle
On the other side of the street, Alfa Squad are dealing with their own problems..
Grant ushers the civilians under his wing
Allied rifle squads sweep the rear areas clean of undead
Allied troops gun down approaching zombies, holding them off to allow the civilians to escape inside the city limits
Out of the frying pan…
It’s a trap! Zombies boil from their spawning points, getting up close and personal with the civilians and soldiers..
Undead to the left of them, undead to the right of them… it’s getting sticky for the Allied troops!
And still they come!
Beset by crowds of zombies from all sides, the undead get in amongst the living…
Lt. Grant falls! We ruled a 50/50 chance of a living model being reanimated as a zombie.. which he duly was!
With Platoon Sgt McAuliffe now in command, the troops blaze away at the encroaching hores of zombies but the sheer numbers are just too much…
Another zombie mob appears, interposing itself between the civilians and their escape route – Alfa Squad rush to take them down!
In desperation, Alfa Squad cut loose the frag grenades despite danger proximity to the civilians – they cut a swathe through the zombies, but at the cost of two civvies!
HUGE numbers of zombies now on the table, homing in on Allied forces from all sides and blocking escape routes!
Alfa Squad are surprised and eaten!
It’s looking grim…
“RUN! DON’T LOOK BACK!” McAuliffe screams as his surviving men turn to face the oncoming horde, desperate to hold just a little longer…
Last stand… Mac & the boys knuckle up to sell their lives dearly
“It’s been an honour, gentlemen…” Mac & the remnants of 2-7 lock & load, ready for the final act
The boys give it their all but vanish under a horde of flesh-eating ghouls.. the last civilian catches Mac’s eye as he boards the APC, just to see the sergeant mouth the words “Remember us…”

Well that was a belter! Took a little time to get going but the gradual ramping up of zombie numbers turned what initially looked like a walk in the park for the Alliance into a lethal and cinematic last stand where once again, Buffalo 2-7 died gloriously to a man in defence of freedom! Great fun and hiding out in the gaming shed kept us safe from the attentions of wandering trick or treaters.. bah humbug! X-D

So, what next? What zombie-themed scenario could we investigate for Halloween next year? There’s almost a year to figure something out… drop us a comment and we’ll see you soon!


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