#Orktober! Teeny Weenie Greenie Meanies

Christ, that came around quick! Well, seeing as we spectacularly failed to accomplish anything Ork(c) related during last year’s #Orktober, Jim and I figured it was time to write that wrong.

And considering that we are now about to dive headlong into the Second Great Depression (according to most news sources here in the UK), it seemed like a good idea to paint the stuff we already had rather than go and do something as reckless as spending money.

Years ago, in The World That Was – in fact ye gods, I believe it was as far back as 2012 – we scored a major eBay coup and picked up a box of 2nd Ed Space Marine (or Epic, as it became known). Although there were no Eldar included, there was a healthy force of Space Marines and a ton of Orks. Jim took the Marines, and I got the greenskins, and we’ve had a good few entertaining scraps over the years. But there were still a good chunk of Orks left over that I never got around to doing anything with, so I figured this was a good time to start.

We have here a Death Skull clan – nice and cheap and very useful, as because of their place in Ork society as thieves and looters, they can nick other clan-specific cards – Evil Sunz Gobsmashas, Goff Lungburstas and the like – which means you can tailor them nicely for whatever plan you have in mind.

Each clan can be reinforced by up to five units, but I only painted up a couple – partly because they were the only ones ready to go, and partly to allow me to reinforce them with other units – so what we have here is a clan (roughly a company) of infantry reinforced by a mob of Stompers and a mob of Bonebreaka tanks:

I did the flesh and bases with Goblin Green, washed with Green Ink, blue was Wilko’s Duck Egg Blue layered with a cheap blue craft acrylic and then bolters in black. The banners were done the same way and I used snipped up paper clips as the mounting poles.
The red bits on the vehicles were Vallejo Hot Orange washed with red ink, and for the metallics it was Vallejo Mithril silver drybrushed over a black undercoat and then washed with a mix of Smokey Ink and Flesh wash for a rusty, battered look.

And now the entirety of Waagh-Bozzhog:

Towered over by Big Red the Mega Gargant, with Slasher in attendance.. Warlord Bozzhog & his Stompas at the front, backed up by Goff, Evil Sunz, Bad Moon and now Death Skull infantry!
Unfortunately it is very possible to see how my painting approach has changed since whenever it was I last put brush to Epic Ork, and the colours don’t quite match… so I’m going to have to do some more re-organising and homogenising before I’m really happy with them.. but isn’t that always the way?

Anyhoo, Jim’s up next with a really cool little build, the boy’s getting into his stride! Stay thrifty and see you soon


8 thoughts on “#Orktober! Teeny Weenie Greenie Meanies

  1. Haha, never expected these! lovely stuff mate! Recession isn’t the work mate, I think we’re heading for the end of the world! 😂
    If the news reports are right we might be re-visited by a fat jolly man with white hair, but he sadly wont be bringing presents! just more misery!
    Cheers Roger.


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