GDF Fight Club Update

Ok, well, the plan was to blog each game as it’s own individual battle report but the real world has rendered that idea a fantasy… Although I managed it for the first game (Battle Brothers vs Rebel Guerillas), we’ve had another four games and it’ taxing my memory to even remember the results! So I’m going to give a very rough synopsis along with a few pics to get us all caught up. (If you want to see more details, follow us on Twitter as we quite often “live blog” the games as we go).

So, straight in – Game 2 – Rebel Guerillas vs Human Defence Force

Could the Hazzard 1977th PDF succeed where the mighty Battle Brothers had failed? In a word – yes. Although it was a damn close run thing in the end, featuring a duel between the HDF and rebel psychics, the demolition of the Rebel Assault Vehicle and some crack supporting fire from the Heavy Weapon Teams swung the game to a solid victory for the HDF.

Gun battle between rebel infantry and HDF conscripts
Vicious melee between rebel and HDF commanders – as is only right and proper, the HDF cut down his opponent!
Up close and personal amongst the ruined buildings
The General proved to be invaluable, destroying the Rebel Assault Vehicle and laying waste to infantry

Game 3 – Human Defence Force vs Orc Marauders

Running with the principle of “winner stays on”, the HDF next took on the fearsome Orc Marauders of Da Skooderia! ou may remember these two clashing in earlier battles, but the guiding principle is always the same for the HDF – STAY BACK! You do NOT want to wond up in close combat with Orcs, particularly the super hard Power Armoured variety that made up the command echelon.

Orcs deploy as far forward as possible to get proppa stuck in as quick as possible
HDF deploy centred on the General’s awesome firepower, with heavy weapons teams anchoring the left flank to dominate the battlefield.
Good start for the HDF as the laser cannon team destroy the Orc transport and with the help of the Drill Sergeant focusing their fire, the massed assault rifles of the Conscript squad manage to bring down a Power Armoured Orc!
Conscripts fall back ahead of the advancing Warboss
Power Armoured Orcs getting worryingly close to the Heavy Weapons teams..
The General rumbles forward, spraying flamethrower, Nova Cannon and heavy machinegun fire into the Boyz Mob, wiping out half of them and pinning the survivors
Orc Commandos assault the General in close combat, inflicting a wound on the mighty vehicle before..
The HDF Psychic casts Furious Blaze from his hiding place in the temple, wiping out the elite Orc assault troops!
Power Armour Orcs crash into the Heavy Weapons teams, massacring the heavy machinegun and missile launcher teams in melee!
Warboss gets in on the act, tearing the laser cannon team limb from limb… moments before a shot from the General’s Nova Cannon atomised him!
After the HDF Psychic manages to again cast Furious Blaze, wiping out the rest of the Boyz, the Orcs start turn 4 with precisely two models left – HDF surviors fan out to capture two objectives to the Orcs’ one.. HDF victory!

Game 4 – Human Defence Force vs Ratmen Clans

Conscripts deploy centrally in cover, with Drill Sergeant and Psychic in support
Ratmen gather in the woods behind the ruined settlement
Led by their Drill Sergeant, the HDF conscripts advance into the ruined church.. to be promptly ambushed by Ratmen saboteurs!
HDF Psychic summons Furious Blaze, immolating the second Saboteur team
The General unloads into a team of Ratmen in the farmhouse objective, killing 2
Ratmen saboteurs swarm the General, causing a wound and pinning it!
HDF machinegun team down a ratswarm, but can only watch in horror as the Ratmen swarm all over A squad and the Captain!
Ratmen psychic casts Lightning on the General, causing three more wounds on the mighty tank!
With excellent rifle discipline under the Drill Sergeant’s watchful eye, the conscripts redeploy to gun down the Ratmen at point blank range
The Captain reactivates A squad, pulling back and killing the Rat Piper
The General pours more fire into the saboteur team in the farmhouse, killing two more and pinning the survivor
Rat Swarm musters on the objective to deny it to the HDF – though they take casualties from the heavy machinegun team opposite, they hold firm..
In a desperate attempt to cripple the General, the surviving Saboteur attacks the General in close quarters..
Shrugging off the Saboteur’s attack, the General is hit by Ratmen psychic’s Lightning and barrels into the farmhouse, killing the surviving saboteur and wounding the Clan Mother!
Last minute assault by the HDF A squad is driven off, meaning that’s a draw!

Game 5 Human Defence Force vs Battle Brothers

Battle Brothers ‘ support squad deploy overlooking the battlefield
HDF infantry deploy into the woods
Battle Brothers’ charge forward, exiting their APC before it’s destroyed by Furious Blaze from the HDF psychic
The General gets into action, spraying the Brothers in the church with machinegun, flamer and Nova Cannon, killing two
Brothers’ commander engages the HDF Psychic in melee.. incredibly, the firs round is a draw!
The Commander finally batters the psychic and claims an objective… but elsewhere three Brothers fall to laser cannon fire and one to massed Conscript assault rifles!
The last Battle Brother in the farmhouse….
With the last Brother falling to a missile launcher shot, HDF infantry pours forward to occupy the objective! 2 objectives to 1, that’s another HDF victory!

Whew. So, thanks for sticking with us, that’s us all caught up! If you’re keeping score, that’s 3 wins and a draw for the HDF, a win for the 237th, a draw for the Ratmen and zero for everyone else:

Human Defence Force – 3 1/2

Rebel Guerillas – 1

Ratmen Clans – 1/2

Skooderia – 0

Battle Brothers – 0

2 thoughts on “GDF Fight Club Update

  1. Cheers John, yeah, a good few scraps so far and more to come – learned a few things we want to include in Future Force Warrior too, you know when you like a game but think “I wish I could do X” 😉👍


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