Another Hole In The Head Pt.2.. More 20mm Fantasy Orcs

So as we established in the last post, I clearly have a problem. I get all excited about my 1991 Blood Angels Tribute Act project, complete one squad and then straight away get diverted into 20mm fantasy orcs.. for some reason.

Anyway, I’ve finished another regiment – want to see?

Presenting… Da Red Shoo Ladz

This is a regiment of 25 Feral Orcs (for Age Of Fantasy Regiments) armed with axes – we’ll figure something out for Warhammer Fantasy and Hyperian Wars. I won’t belabour the painting process seeing as I’ve already described it here, basically it’s a crib from old 90s White Dwarfs – all bright primary colours and of course, Goblin Green!

The command figure has red boots, so hence- Da Red Shoo Ladz.

There are only two poses but with a bit of careful angling on the base (20mm squares of single corrugated card) you can make them look like a properly rowdy, Orky mob.

I also made them a movement tray:

A 110 x 110mm square of corrugated plastic card – enough to allow 5 x 5 20mm bases and allow space for a ridge of hot glue around the edges. Then texture paste, spray black, drybrush up with earth tones and add flock and sand to taste.

And here they are with the previous unit – now named Da Red Arrers (sorry, couldn’t help it) in support:

So that’s 41 down, 130 to go! Just hope we can get a decent game in with them in the near future as the second wave gains pace…

Stay safe, stay thrifty, see you again soon!

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