More Accidental Tyranids – Hive Fleet Imprudens Complete (For Now..)

I love it when a plan comes together.

Especially when there wasn’t really a plan in the first place.

You may have seen in the first post how an accidental purchase by Dan’s young son

(Artists rendering)
  • gave birth to yet another little side project, as he’d managed to purchase a box of Genestealers and Tyranids through our joint eBay account, ironically enough getting a pretty good deal! I inherited them from Dan back before Lockdown III – Rise Of The Revenge struck, my compadre realising that even his hobby ADHD would struggle to cope with yet another project, and I figured that these gribblies would be a good OPFOR for something like Space Hulk, Space Crusade or even outside the 40k universe as acid-for-blood-they’re-coming-out-of-the-goddamn-walls-man generic baddies, and got the first few painted back late last year.

But the last few lay in their tupperware box, in various states of disrepair and different coloured primers, silently entreating me “Father, give me legs”… and I could only hold out for so long. There were a few missing limbs, requiring tentacles bodged from greenstuff, but in the main they came together pretty well.

Foreground ‘Stealer has a homemade tentacle… I followed the same paint scheme as last time, but was a little bit hit and miss mixing up the colours to match with the first group.. however, Vallejo Smokey Ink covers all sins, and a bone drybrush covers any that the wash misses! The first group are slightly pinker but I think overall it works out OK
Hybrid – this guy got a rock glued to his base to stop him falling over..
Look closely enough and this little guy has an arm for a leg… however, I didn’t realise until painting… and it’s all in the name of biodiversity!
Patriarch (Ol’ Six Eyes) leads his brood forward
I believe this chap is a shout out to the RT- era Ymgarl genestealer
Surging forward over the polystyrene ruins.. sucks to be a Grot here!

I know Dan’s Blood Angels are going to have a Terminator squad amongst their number, so I’m looking forward to trying some Space Hulk out in a few months when (hopefully) freedom will reign once again.. till then, stay safe, sane and thrifty out there, some good stuff coming in the next few weeks!

6 thoughts on “More Accidental Tyranids – Hive Fleet Imprudens Complete (For Now..)

  1. Nicely done, I painted up a load of them Genstealers for my son years ago as opponents for his Space Marines, I’m not sure if he still has them down in Warwick or not.
    They are nice figures though as I remember, I had Space Hulk too, many years ago, that went on a bring and buy as I recall.
    This is like all my yesterdays!!😀
    Cheers Roger.

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