Another Hole In The Head – 20mm Fantasy Orcs

You know what, I think I might have a problem.

So, as a distraction from my 1991 Blood Angels tribute act – and why I might need one of those is a matter for a different discussion – I suddenly found myself with a bit of a yen for a bit of rank & file, sword-n-sorcery stuff. Jim and I are both familiar with the excellent Caesar 1/72 fantasy stuff, having used their Orcs as the basis for Da Skooderia – not to mention having painted about a billion of their Ratmen for ourAnd Still They Come.. Hairy Japanese Bastards Pt. 3,147,923 totally-not-Skaven army.

So it was that a harmless bit of window shopping – initially with the idea of a horde of easily painted skeletons – led to the discovery of an online hobby outlet (forgotten which one, sorry), which although out of Undead, did have a load of their Orcs in stock. Even better – on sale. 5 boxes of figures, sans the boxes themselves – 34 figures a box, so that’s 170 altogether, £25 the lot. Done.

I’ve started to organise them for Age Of Fantasy from One Page Rules, but these should do nicely for WHFB, Kings Of War and of course Hyperian Wars, and first up is this 16 string unit of archers (15 from this order, supplemented by a leftover from Da Skooderia) – based on 20mm single corrugated card squares (chopped from the very box these lads came in, no less).

Primed white and painted using mostly Vallejo Goblin Green for the skin, Hot Orange for the red and Filthy Brown, and a couple of tan/ brown craft paints. Washed with Army Painter Green Tone, Vallejo Brown, Smokey, Red and Black inks and a very light bone drybrush, based in a mixture of Garage Floor Dust (TM) and Jarvis flock drizzled on. So, pics:

The lads on parade
The two poses used in the regiment – 15 of the guys on the left, only one of the right hand chap, so he gets to be in charge

Can’t see these guys making a huge contribution, as whatever the system, Orcs aren’t known for marksmanship, but still, they look nice from two feet away.. although don’t look too closely at the eyes and teeth!

Right, 16 down, 155 to go – the addiction clearly incurable, the addict prepares another fix…

Stay thrifty and safe out there and see you soon for some battle reports (hopefully..)

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